About Us

About Us
About Us

we give the best quality honey from our farm

Ee Feng Gu, the Oldest Apiary Farm in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, since 1980.

The Natural Honey You Can Trust.


Welcome To Ee Feng Gu


Our mission is to protect organic, pure honey and promote it worldwide.

The brand we carry, formed by three generations of the Ee Feng Gu family, focuses on organic honey producers and is supported by beekeepers. We source and deliver quality honey products and other products from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. 


We also provide proof of Ee Feng Gu honey’s authenticity and scientific evidence about its properties, bringing the benefits of this product to consumers all around the world.

We Are Ee Feng Gu


Bee Keeping

Beekeeping, care, and management of colonies of honeybees. Honeybee pollination can help make plants healthy as they pollinate, as well as fruit trees in nearby orchards which helps the local economy.

Bee Farm Scenic

Open daily from 8 am to 7 pm, free entrance to explore the honey bee ecosphere, beautiful scenery, and the largest indoor maze full of fun and challenge.

The bee farm scenic design is filled with colorful wall art by local painters.


Bee Hive Maze

You can enjoy the game with your family. Bee Hive Maze this attractive game of skill will test the motor skills of children, their mission is to cross the maze.

Souvenir Store

In the gift shop, you can buy organic honey and variations of honey products made by our farm honey bees. In addition, you can shop at our souvenirs and vegetable and flower stall inside Ee Feng Gu.

Vegetable and Flower Stall

You can buy Cameron Highland organic vegetables and fresh flowers over here. Enjoy and happy shopping.


Food Court

Feel starved, you can visit the Ee Feng Gu food court.

You able to enjoy local Malaysian Muslim food.


OEM Honey Product

Ee Feng Gu is one of Malaysia apiary farm’s leading producers of OEM Honey or honey products, and we have the expertise to help.

Honey Product

We mostly believe that honey bees only make honey. However, they also make other highly beneficial products like Bee Pollen, Beeswax, Propolis, and Royal Jelly.

Ee Feng Gu also  process natural and honey essential care product such as honey soap, honey lip balm, honey moisturize and more.

Our Bee Family


Worker Bee

We have two sets of chromosomes produced from an egg from the Queen. There are roughly about 60,000 of us in one family. We have many duties, from cleaning our little room after eating through our capped brood cell, feeding the brood, receiving nectar, cleaning the hive, guard duty, and foraging. Some of us also have a specialized task, including removing dead bees inside the hive.

Drone Bee

We have one set of chromosomes and exist for the purpose of reproduction. We are produced by the queen if she chooses not to fertilize an egg or by an unfertilized laying worker. It takes 24 days for us to develop, and all of us were born from summer through autumn. There are about 500 of us in one family. We will be expelled from the hive during the winter months to keep the hive warm and preserve the food for the youth and needs. We cannot defend the hive or kill intruders because we are born without a stinger.


Queen Bee

I am the most critical part of this family, carrying the only role of laying fertilized eggs. My ability to produce a lot of eggs, up to 2.000 eggs in a single day, is a determination of a strong family. I mate with drone bees early in life and store up millions of sperm in my boy, and I live about 5 years but only two to three years of my life for reproducing eggs. When another queen bee is born, we will fight for the crown, and the one who loses will need to leave and hive and form a new family.